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Learn More About Our Scholarships

A scholarship at the right time in life can be the key to a person’s successful achievement of dreams. The DeKalb Medical Foundation offers three scholarship funds that are designed to help people in our community succeed.

Audrey & Jack Morgan Scholarship

Audrey and Jack Morgan have been lifelong supporters of the tremendous needs present in the healthcare community. In an effort to make a difference in human suffering, they have established a scholarship to enable individuals employed at Emory Decatur Hospital to pursue additional educational opportunities, which will make it possible for them to enhance their skills and contributions to our community.

These scholarships are awarded in the spring of each year to individuals who have a passion to make a greater contribution in the lives of people who are in need of compassionate care. The amount of each scholarship will vary depending on the type of education the applicant is seeking. Each study program selected must be offered at an accredited institution or it should provide a type of accreditation recognized in the hiring practices at Emory Decatur Hospital. Click here for a copy of the Morgan Scholarship Application.

Dr. Gulshan Harjee Scholarship

Gulshan S. Harjee, M.D., a well-known internist in the Atlanta area, knows what it means to work hard to make your dreams come true. All of her life she wanted to be a physician. She grew up in a country that did not have accessible health care. Her family had to drive two hours to get to the nearest doctor. In her country there was no treatment available when her beloved grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She lived in a country where everyone got malaria and typhoid fever. Dr. Harjee’s father wanted to be a doctor, but he lost his father when he was only five-years-old and there were no resources for him to pursue his dream.

She was inspired by her parents to do something good with her life. She fought many battles and reached many dead ends before she was finally able to be in a place where she could practice medicine.

Her goal has been to make it possible for someone else's dreams of being in healthcare to have a chance to pursue his or her passion and to find the kind of satisfaction in life that has so deeply enriched her life. As a step in that direction, she has established the Dr. Gulshan Harjee Scholarship to give scholarships to young men and women finishing high school who want the chance to pursue a career in an allied healthcare field.

Dr. W. Mark Coppage Nursing Scholarship

Coppage Winners 2011 W. Mark Coppage, M.D. died on March 3, 1989, in an automobile accident in Florida. Although the years have continued to roll by, the Emory Decatur Hospital community in which he practiced, and to which he gave so much of his energy and spirit, still keenly feels his absence. The difference that Dr. Coppage made in this community is legendary. He gave without boundary of his time, talent, resources and love. Each person who touched his life felt enriched and inspired. The years have not dimmed his remarkable impact or erased the void created by his untimely death.

An anonymous donor established the Dr. W. Mark Coppage Nursing Scholarship Fund to sustain his memory and the remarkable principles for which he stood. Since this scholarship was established in 1993, 145 scholarships have been given totaling over $360,000. This scholarship program is open to individuals who represent some of those outstanding human qualities for which Dr. Coppage was so well known.

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