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“Although two of my sisters had been previously diagnosed with breast cancer, when I received the news after a normal mammogram the latter part of 2011 that this awful disease was lying dormant in my body, I was completely devastated! I thought to myself that no one, especially a doctor, would be able to assist me with a positive outlook, especially due to my family history. I remember the day as if it were yesterday when I met Dr. Quiñones; it was one of the most pleasurable medical experiences I have encountered. Although I was faced with a long road ahead, Dr. Quiñones along with his staff made me feel at ease and comfortable.

After my surgery, Dr. Quiñones went to give my family an update on my medical status. Once they received the update, Dr. Quiñones gave each member an individual hug and ensured them that I was in good hands. My family was beyond impressed that he actually cared about his patient enough to personally speak to and comfort them as well. For them, this gesture and simple art of expression was beyond the power of words. Dr. Quiñones is an example of how all physicians should treat and follow-up with their patients. He is one of the few doctors that I have encountered that does not treat his patients as a number or statistic but actually cares and demonstrates humanity and respect. The overall care has been a delightful experience and I would certainly recommend him to other patients.”

- Fredia Spence

“When I discovered a lump around October 9th 2009, I thought maybe it was just a cyst or bump. I am a 42 year old active former athlete in good physical shape. Fortunately, I was scheduled for an annual physical later that week. My doctor suggested a biopsy, which led to the devastating news that I had male breast cancer. I remember being numb with fear sitting in the doctor’s office dialing my wife to tell her the news. While waiting for her to arrive the fear of not being around for my family brought a storm of tears that I could not control.

When my wife arrived she did not waste anytime gearing up for the fight. She is my rock! She contacted Dekalb Medical Nurse Navigator Emily Mason Beard and a close family friend on staff at Dekalb Medical and together we decided to see Dr. Michael Quiñones. To our surprise they were very accommodating and saw us the same day. After a pleasant staff greeting, they began to answer many of our questions. I needed information, which is what gave me strength. The office staff really took care of us. At a time when I could not think straight, Dr. Q and his team stepped in. We were not stressed with figuring out paper work for insurance; they really handled everything well. Even matters concerning my employer were taken care of with ease.

Dr. Q’s evaluation of my case made it easy for me to focus on becoming cancer free. Dr. Q gave us the facts about my surgery and recovery. I appreciated the confidence in his knowledge of my type of cancer. I felt safe and almost excited to have the cancer removed so my journey as a survivor could begin. Dr. Q was very accommodating even when it came to hospital choices and things moved very quickly. I had no problem with questions being answered even after hours.

My surgery went well and all the cancer was removed. I am now a cancer survivor doing all the things I love to do. I am grateful for the care I received from such a skilled surgeon. His follow up and recovery plan provided the most current research and diagnostic technology. During this process we discovered Dr. Q had operated on two of my cousins also in their 40’s. I am feeling good and best of all I am cancer free.

Thank you Dr. Q and staff for the tremendous care I received!”

- Stephen Nesmith, Male Breast Cancer Survivor

“Dr. Quiñones came into my life in January of 2000. I had just been told that I had cancer and had been sent to an oncologist for confirmation. After the initial test, the oncologist sent me to Dr. Quiñones. His initial examination and consultation with my husband and me were exactly what we needed… hearing calm words of what would be done, spoken with confidence and assurance so we know that we were in the care of one who really cared about his patients and also one that was very knowledgeable about cancer.

Dr. Quiñones promised me, after my first cancer surgery, that he was going to be taking the best possible care of me. He has kept that promise throughout the past eight years, which have included two more surgeries. His alertness, through listening to what I’ve said to him reviewing my scans, has kept this terrible disease from taking over my body.

I have been cancer free for the past two and a half years now. I still see Dr. Quiñones every four months, and each time it’s a reconfirmation that his thoroughness and knowledge came along just when I needed it. He genuinely cares, not just for my health, but for my entire well being.

I once told Dr. Quiñones that he was one of my “three Musketeers,” along with my oncologist and gynecologist. Together, these three doctors have directed my walk through cancer without the extreme difficulties that so many have had. While I’ve had three surgeries, I know the high quality of life I have today is due to being in Dr. Quiñones’s care.

I would most confidently recommend anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer to contact Dr. Quiñones immediately to get him on their team of care specialists. He is the best.”

- Jerre Ramlow

“Hi, I’m Betty Jane;

I am a recovering cancer patient.

I owe my recovery to Dr. Quiñones, his staff and DeKalb Medical Center. Dr. Quiñones is very good at explaining and answering all my questions. He has a very upbeat attitude and is there for you at any time for any problem. After surgery, Dr. Quiñones referred me to my Chemo Specialist Dr. Feinberg and Radiation Specialist Dr. Balfour-Williams. This ream of doctors and their staff made me feel confident of a full recovery. I am starting in my sixth year, and I am able to say that there have been no surprises, and there has been a lot of help and good cheer. Dr. Quiñones has given me hope for a happy future.

If you want a future, you can put your trust in Dr. Quiñones. He will be there for you.”

- Betty Jane
“In 1984, I had a partial gastrectomy due to intestinal blockage from my stomach. In 1998-1999, I began to experience problems with my digestion, specifically that I could not keep food down that I had eaten. I visited many doctors who performed numerous tests that were inconclusive; I would then be referred to other doctors. As this process continued, I was losing weight. My normal weight is around 110 lbs. By 2000-2001, my weight had dropped to 67 lbs.

I had lost all my peripheral vision, my teeth were crumbling, requiring me to have extensive oral surgeries and extractions. I was so weak that my knees would buckle while I walked and I fell many times, injuring myself.
It had gotten to the point where my husband would wake up during the night and check to see if I was still breathing. I was unable to keep any food down, and I had a feeding tube surgically inserted to keep me alive. None of the doctors knew what to do for me; I was dying and no one knew why.

Dr. Michael Quiñones had performed a procedure on me in 1994 for complications from the original gastrectomy. I made an appointment with Dr. Quiñones in 2001, bringing with me all my x-rays and medical reports from the tests that had been done.

Dr. Quiñones looked at my x-ray and was able to diagnose exactly what my problem was; scar tissue was blocking food from entering my intestines just below my stomach. Surgery was the only course of action to solve the problem. After the surgery, I gradually regained my weight, my vision returned and now I am about 115 lbs. and better than I have been since 1994.

Dr. Quiñones saved my life. I would not have lived much longer if I had not gone to see him; his training and experience allowed me to live. I continue to see Dr. Quiñones as the problem could potentially re-occur. His compassion and caring are what I appreciate most about him.”

- Betty Joan Vincent

“Cancer. The big C. Perhaps the most dreaded word one can hear when visiting your physician. My journey began in the fall of 1999. It started with a loss of appetite and a choking sensation every time I tried to eat. Around Christmas time, I had a scan and the attending physician had four radiologists review the results. Three of the doctors believed there was nothing to be concerned about, but the fourth said he believed there was something there that needed to be studied further.

Consequently, the doctor ordered a biopsy and the results came back positive. I had esophageal/stomach cancer, and the recommendation was for the removal of both. I was referred to an Oncologist at the Georgia Cancer Specialists office in Conyers and began treatment with both chemotherapy and radiation at the same time. This was a tough time and there were times when I wondered if I would even survive the treatment, let alone the cancer.

Following this treatment, I was referred to Doctor Quiñones (Dr. Q) who performed surgery for the cancer in April of 2000. I was very blessed in having great doctors in the process, and especially in having Dr. Q to perform my surgery. I do not believe anyone else could have done a better job in taking care of me during this time.

It has been nine years since my surgery, and today I am cancer free. I am thankful each day for the gift of life and the wonderful medical personnel who used their gifts to ensure my healing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Q and his staff to anyone who has this dreaded disease and is in need of his services.”

- Jim Turner

“Dr. Michael Quiñones, DeKalb Medical Center, the doctors, nurses and staff saved my life — twice.

In November 2003, I was diagnosed with a rare type of peritoneal cancer and was referred to Dr. Quiñones at DeKalb Medical Center. DeKalb was the only hospital in the Southeast to have the specialized equipment and the surgeon to perform the intra-peritoneal heated chemotherapy (HIPEC) that I needed. How fortunate I was to receive such excellent care locally, to be close to family and friends, to have support not only from them, but also from the caring medical staff at DeKalb Medical.

This particular cancer is somewhat elusive, so in early spring of 2008, Dr. Quiñones performed “my” special surgery again, this time followed by a regimen of IV chemotherapy for several months. My chemotherapy was administered by Dr. Jayanthi Srinivasiah to whom Dr. Quiñones had referred me, also at DeKalb Medical. It’s over, and I’m glad, but overall my experience was positive in Dr. Jay’s office, the chemo room and in the Kann Outpatient Treatment Center.

Further, I have had regular mammograms and a breast biopsy also performed by Dr. Quiñones in the Breast Center — a modern, efficient, well-staffed facility.

Over these last few years, I have spent a good deal of time at DeKalb Medical Center as a patient in the hospital and in doctors’ offices. I may not have felt physically well on occasion, but I have always been treated with kindness, consideration and most importantly skill. Keeping me well has been a team effort. I so appreciate all I have been given to allow me to continue living my life as I want to live it. My thanks are boundless.”

- Suzanne Canfield, January 2009

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