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DeKalb Medical Physicians Group (DMPG) Patient Portal (NextGen) FAQs

Please note:  Not all physicians who admit patients to our hospitals are employed by the DeKalb Medical Physicians Group. Please click here to see if your physician's practice is one of our DMPG practices. Also, not all DMPG providers are set up in the system at this time. If you cannot perform the task you are trying to accomplish with your provider, please contact your physician’s office directly.

Q. What if I have questions or trouble accessing my account?
A. Please contact your physician’s office for assistance.

Q. What is the NextGen Patient Portal?
A. The NextGen Patient Portal is our secure patient portal. It gives you a way to contact our office about non-urgent requests through a secure web portal.

Q. Is the NextGen Patient Portal the same as email?
A. No. This system uses a secure web portal (website) to send messages to your doctor and doctor’s support staff directly to our electronic health record system. This allows staff to view your request alongside your electronic chart. Staff is able to see vital parts of your health record as they take care of your requests.

Q. What does the Patient Portal do?
A. The NextMD Patient Portal for the DeKalb Medical Physicians Group allows patients to access information online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can request a prescription refill, request an appointment with your doctor and view test/lab results at your own convenience.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Request a token (your personal ID number) as you check out at the front desk, or call your physician’s office to request your token. You’ll receive an email or letter in the mail with your token ID. Please note that we are partnering with NextGen® Healthcare and you’ll be taken to a secure, third-party site where you will enter your token ID and email address. Follow the step-by-step instructions for account set-up.

Q. I have lost my Personal ID or token. How do I find it?
A. An email was sent to your email address on file when you originally requested your Personal ID. You can retrieve it from that correspondence. If you cannot locate that email, simply call your physician’s office and request a token ID for the patient portal.

Q. My token is more than 30 days old and the website won’t take it.  What should I do?
A. Tokens expire within 30 days as a security measure. If your token has expired, you may request a new token by contacting our office and completing our verification process. Once your identity has been verified, another token will be generated for you.

Q. I have my Personal ID but have forgotten my password.
A. Follow the onscreen instructions at www.nextmd.com to recover your password. Please note that your physician’s office can also provide you with a password reset personal token. You will then have to follow the online instructions to reset your own password.

Q. Why can't I see all of the information in my record?
A. Within the NextGen Patient Portal you will have the ability to request a prescription refill and request/view your lab or test results. You may also have the ability to send a secure message to your physician or request an appointment. Please note that not all DMPG physicians or groups offer secure messaging or appointment requests. If you have any questions, please contact your physician's office for details.

Q. How quickly can I expect a response to a message I send?
A. Patients should allow at least two business days to receive a response to their message. However, it is common for our physicians and staff to reply more promptly.

Q. My User Name, Password or Security Question Answer is not working.  I know I entered it correctly. What do I do?
A. Remember that all login information (username, password and security question answer) is case sensitive. Make sure that you are entering the information in the same case that you created your login. If you still cannot login, go to www.NextMD.com and click on "don't remember your user name or password". Use the options listed for login information retrieval.

If you are still experiencing problems, contact your physician's office.

Q. I have a new email address, how can I change it?
A. Login to www.NextMD.com and click on the "My Account Tab". Go to "My Information" and then scroll down to email addresses, where you can make the change.

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