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What should I expect when I come to the Wound Care Center and who will answer my wound care questions?

The first appointment consists of an in-depth assessment by our team to evaluate your wound and your general health. They will review your medical history and possibly order blood tests and/or specialized tests to measure blood flow and oxygen delivery in the wound area. It is very important that you bring the following to your first appointment.

  • A list of all medications you are currently taking, including aspirin, vitamins and any herbal products
  • A list of any allergies you have
  • Your medical records and insurance cards
  • Snack food and medication (if you have diabetes)

Wound Care Information

You will have to fill out new patient paperwork at your first visit. We may also do some tests to identify exactly what type of wound you have. Your first visit may take some time so plan accordingly.

How does treatment proceed?

After we receive your test results, we'll put together a treatment program based on your special needs. This program will include regular visits to the Wound Care Center so that we can provide treatment, evaluate your progress and adjust your care plan as necessary. You (or your caregiver) will be given detailed instructions for home care including dressing (bandage) changes and ways to protect the wound from further injury.

What do I have to do to get better?

You are a vital part of the program and much of your treatment's success depends on you. Here are the things you can do to help yourself in the healing process:

  • Keep your appointments. For optimal wound healing, weekly visits are necessary. If you must cancel an appointment, please give at least 24 hour’s notice or other patients who need care may be unnecessarily turned away.
  • Follow instructions carefully. Interfering with your dressing can compromise your recovery.
  • Contact us if you experience wound pain or if your dressings become damaged between visits. Pain may indicate infection or other serious complications, and contaminated bandages can harm the wound.

Working together, we can help you get back on your feet and back to the things you love.

Other Wound Care Questions

Where do I direct my questions?

Remember, anytime you or your family members have questions, our staff is available to answer them. In fact, we encourage you to ask questions! If wound care questions occur to you after your appointment, just call the Wound Care Center at 404.501.7455.

Will I need to change doctors?

The Wound Care Center coordinates with your personal physician, just like any other medical specialist. We'll discuss your treatment program and keep him or her updated on your progress, unless instructed otherwise. Remember, you'll need to keep seeing your doctor for routine medical care.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment?

Many health plans cover Wound Care Center treatments. We can help you determine what your specific plan covers.

If you have been struggling with a wound that won’t heal, the Emory Decatur Hospital Comprehensive Wound Care Center can help. Call 404.501.7455 today to get quality wound care information and get started on the path to healing.

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