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Mobile Mammography

WOW VanAnnual mammograms are an essential part of wellness for women over 40. Making time for wellness, however, is a struggle for many busy women. Emory Decatur Hospital offers extended weekday and Saturday hours in our mammography centers, and also brings state-of-the-art digital mammography out into the community on our Wellness on Wheels Van. Like mammography on our hospital campuses, Wellness on Wheels is certified by the American College of Radiology (ACR). In addition, women who have their mammograms performed by Emory Decatur Hospital have the assurance of computer-aided detection backing up the expertise of its board certified radiologists who are specially trained in mammography.

Wellness on Wheels is a tool for employers to facilitate better health among their employees. Employers who provide mammography onsite for their employees find that employees appreciate not having to take time away from work for this annual screening. Better compliance with screening recommendations also means that when cancers are found, they will be found earlier, which translates into lower cost treatment and higher survival rates. A minimum of 25 women are needed to secure the van at your workplace. Please read our Fequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

For more information about scheduling the van and other corporate health services, contact workswell@dekalbmedical.org or call 404.501.7990.