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Maternity Patient Stories:
A Special Experience

Women who have experienced our maternity services find that we have the right people – a team of highly specialized and dedicated professionals working together for our mothers and babies– to ensure that each birth is a positive experience for mother and baby.

We ask every mother to complete a feedback card to help us recognize those employees whose efforts made a difference during their staff. In fact, our maternity patient stories often include phrases like “very professional,” “made me feel special,” “very attentive and respectful of our choices,” “caring and considerate of my needs” and “the staff is awesome!”

Time and time again, we hear from patients and our physicians about the special experience they had at Emory Decatur Hospital. We encourage you to take a moment and read the stories and letters below – just a few of the many positive maternity patient stories that we have to share.

Adrienne LeonardAdrianne Leonard felt like she was staying in a nice hotel when she delivered her baby boy at DeKalb Medical. It’s just a few minutes from her Decatur home so convenience was a big factor in her decision of selecting DeKalb Medical as her maternity hospital. But it wasn’t the location or the new facility that most impressed this first-time mother. Instead, she described the high level of service and how she was treated by everyone at DeKalb Medical as the best things about her experience.

Adrianne was admitted to the Antepartum unit three weeks before she delivered William. “I was on bed rest so I really got to know the staff,” Adrianne recalled. “They would take time with me and help cheer me up when I was homesick. Everyone from the housekeepers and techs to the nurses listened not just to my needs but also to my wants. They really cared about what I wanted, even if that was to take a short walk.”

It was that caring attitude that made Adrianne’s experience memorable and William’s caesarean section delivery easy. She describes that staff as very professional and knowledgeable while also being very warm, welcoming and giving of themselves. “I didn’t feel like they were just doing their job, it seemed more like a calling for them,” she added.

Adrianne found that the staff was receptive to her choices and did everything they could to accommodate making those things happen in a timely manner. "They even had a lactation consultant in the recovery area to help me with breastfeeding because they knew that was important to me,” she said. “The facility is really nice, but to me it’s all about the service and how I am treated."

Karen JacksonLike most first-time mothers, Karen Jackson was nervous about having a baby. Yet, she quickly found an invaluable resource in the staff at DeKalb Medical who delivered not only her baby but also outstanding customer service – something her friends who delivered at other hospitals envied. She described this in a letter to DeKalb Medical.

My husband and I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the lactation staff at DeKalb Medical. As a first time mother, I learned so much from the lactation staff who visited my room several times each day when I delivered our son. Jill and many of the other staff were extremely attentive and ensured that I had all the knowledge needed to begin breastfeeding. I felt so comforted when I even received a follow up call upon returning home. I had many questions that they answered immediately.

I have also called the lactation department twice and have attended the Thursday meetings to meet other new mothers. I was impressed that DeKalb Medical welcomes mothers from other hospitals to offer assistance with breastfeeding. I have spoken with numerous friends who have delivered at other hospitals but did not receive the time and individual attention needed to learn about breastfeeding. In addition, several friends who delivered at other hospitals wish they had the customer service and attention that I received at DeKalb Medical.

Thank you again! Karen Jackson & Syed Ally

Dr. Laura LordNeonatologist Laura Lord, M.D., is a pediatrician with special training in caring for babies that are sick and require intensive care after birth. She coordinates care for the majority of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at DeKalb Medical. She wrote a letter to hospital president and CEO about the unequalled compassion she sees DeKalb Medical staff demonstrate on a regular basis.

I have noticed the DeKalb Medical ads state “we are pushing beyond.” I want to let you know that frequently I see the staff going beyond in many ways. I have been on the medical staff here for 11 years and have been on the staff at more than five other hospitals, yet have never seen or witnessed the consistency with which the staff exceeds my expectations. Over the past few weeks, I have noticed multiple acts of kindness and understanding not only to me, a physician, but also to patients. Several members of the NICU team spent hours putting together a “preemie reunion” for graduates of our NICU. They volunteered their time and money to do what was necessary to have a nice program. More than 10 nurses and secretaries and their own children spent a Sunday afternoon – their day off – to welcome these families back to our campus. Their time and efforts show they care for their patients even after they are no longer here.

We recently had a young father who was a concert pianist who would play the piano in the tower to relieve his anguish while his little daughter fought for life. Our staff took the infant to the tower so the grieving father might fulfill his dream of playing the piano for his baby girl. No other guests were there, no one’s rights were denied, no laws were violated – just compassion was shown.

I commend your staff for their kindness, compassion and for “going beyond.” They are the most kind group of people I have every worked among.

Laura Lord, M.D.

Kimberly RobertsKimberly Roberts depended on her obstetrician/gynecologist to provide the best care for her. So when she became pregnant, it was only natural to follow his advice and deliver her baby at DeKalb Medical. It’s a decision that led to an ongoing relationship with DeKalb Medical and the wealth of resources it offers expecting and new parents.

Kimberly and her husband found the DeKalb Medical maternity staff to be caring and sensitive to their lack of experience and worries as first-time parents. “We didn’t know what to do with Benjamin and could have felt a little intimidated by the nurses who know so much,” she said. “It wasn’t like that at all. They let us experience things on our own with the baby in our room, yet they were right there when we needed them to help us or we had questions.”

Although the DeKalb Medical maternity facilities as “like a resort or a hotel and nothing like a hospital,” according to Kimberly, it was the high level of personal attention and service by the staff that made her delivery and hospital stay a pleasant one. “The staff makes you feel like you are their only priority when they are with you,” she recalled.

Kimberly realized that level of service even before her baby boy was born as she and her husband participated in classes including a maternity center tour, childbirth preparation, newborn baby care and breastfeeding. After the baby arrived, Kimberly joined a new mother’s group. “These groups are a very valuable part of the support DeKalb Medical provides, even after you deliver your baby. For me, they have been crucial in helping me as a mother, and I’ve made some very good friends thanks to DeKalb Medical.”

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