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What to Expect During Your Mammogram

A technologist will position your breasts on the x-ray machine for the mammogram. Most technologists are women. You and the technologist are the only people in the exam room during your mammogram.

The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes. The actual breast compression only lasts a few seconds. If you have requested 3-D mammography, it is performed on the same machine as 2-D mammography, so no additional compression is needed.

You may feel some discomfort or even pain when each breast is compressed. If you are in pain, tell the technologist so she can try to make the compression more comfortable for you. If you are still having periods, try not to schedule your mammogram when your breasts are likely to be tender, as they may be just before or during your period.

All mammogram facilities now are required to send your results to you within 30 days. In most cases, you will be contacted within five working days if there is a problem with your mammogram.

Read more here for answers to frequently asked questions about having a mammogram at Emory Decatur Hospital.

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