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Diabetic Foot Care

Addressing diabetic foot care is a special issue for people with diabetes. Many people with diabetes lose feeling in their feet, which puts them at risk for injuring their feet without realizing it. Here are some foot care tips to help people with diabetes avoid common foot problems:

  • Wash and dry your feet daily with mild soap and warm water. Dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes, to prevent fungal infections.
  • Trim toenails weekly. If you cannot trim your nails easily, call your doctor for a referral to someone you can see for this diabetic foot care service.
  • Check the tops and bottoms of your feet daily, using a mirror if you need it. Look for:
  • Cuts and scratches, and treat them immediately.
  • Dry skin that requires moisturizers to keep skin soft and prevent cracks in skin. Do not put moisturizer between toes.
  • Blisters that need treatment immediately. Do not break a blister; just clean it, and apply antibacterial cream and bandage.
  • Infections such as athlete’s foot or fungal nail infection. Check with your doctor for treatments for these conditions.

Diabetic foot care is very important. Changes in the color of your foot, warmth or swelling are signs of infection or other serious conditions. If you have any of these common foot problems check with your orthopedic specialist or podiatrist immediately. You may also contact the Emory Decatur Hospital Center for Diabetes Management at 404.501.1790.

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