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Knee Surgery & Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Surgery at Atlanta's Premier Joint
Solutions Center

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints that brings patients to the doctor’s office. Our team of doctors routinely provides the best treatment for knee pain and problems for Atlanta area residents.

How Does the Knee Work?Knee Replacement

The three bones that comprise the knee joint are the femur (thighbone), the tibia (shinbone), and the patella (kneecap). The knee can be described as a modified hinge joint, similar to the hinge on a door. However, the knee not only bends back and forth like a hinge, it has a complex rotational component that occurs with flexion and extension of the knee. The knee is a major weight-bearing joint that is held together by muscles, ligaments and other important soft tissue. Cartilage is the material inside the joint that provides shock absorption to the knee during weight-bearing activities such as walking or stair climbing. Wear and tear of or injury to any of these important components can result in knee pain and discomfort. Click here to watch a short animated video on knee replacement surgery. *Note: This video was not produced by Emory Decatur Hospital, nor do we own the rights to it.

Knee Pain Solutions

While many injuries and knee pain problems can be treated with rehabilitation and non-surgical solutions, more severe issues or persistent chronic pain may require surgical solutions such as knee arthroscopy, partial knee replacement or total knee replacement. Listen in as Dr. Augustine Conduah explains more about knee arthroscopy.

Read more about information on how to say goodbye to knee pain.

Considering knee surgery? Read more about the Joint Solutions Center in Atlanta!

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