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Couplet Care at Emory Decatur Hospital

Emory Decatur Hospital’s Maternity Services provides family-centered care (also known as couplet care), in which mother and baby stay together from childbirth to discharge. Couplet care is an evidence-based best practice in maternity care that facilitates family bonding, supports successful breastfeeding and increases patient satisfaction.

Couplet Care Begins the Moment of Childbirth

As soon as your baby is born, he or she will be dried off and placed skin-to-skin in direct contact with you. This initial contact helps your baby regulate his or her breathing, heart rate, temperature and more. Right after birth most babies are very awake and willing to be fed. This is a wonderful time for mother and baby to start learning how to breastfeed.

Couplet Care Continues Throughout Your Inpatient Stay

We minimize maternal-infant separation in accordance with American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. You and your baby are cared for together with one nurse caring for the "couplet." Your baby stays in your hospital room, even at night. We encourage all maternity patients to have someone spend the night to be a second set of hands for the new mom.

Baby Friendly

Emory Decatur Hospital is one of 227 active Baby-Friendly hospitals and birth centers in the United States.


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