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Dialysis Support

Scheduling and Directions

Emory Decatur Hospital and Emory Hillandale Hospital offer dialysis support procedures – fistulagrams and dialysis catheters. A fistula is a passage from your kidneys that allows dialysis. We provide fistulagrams which are X-rays of this passage that involve special dye and X-ray equipment. A fistulagram allows the doctor to look at blood flow and be sure there is no blockage in the fistula. Early detection and treatment of a clot or narrowing can improve your fistula’s performance and limit future complications.

When a blockage is detected during a fistulagram, the procedure can identify exactly where the artery or vein is blocked, how severe the blockage is and what is causing the blockage. Blockages or clots can interfere with your dialysis.

Preparing for Your Fistulagram

You should have someone drive you home after the procedure. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your test. Do not take any blood thinners or aspirin three days prior to your procedure. Be sure to ask your physician about any medications you are taking or any questions your might have about your procedure.

You may resume your normal diet and activities after your fistulagram. If you need pain medicine after you go home, contact your doctor. Perform your dialysis treatment as it is usually scheduled.

Scheduling and Directions

We offer fistulagrams in Atlanta at Emory Decatur Hospital and Emory Hillandale Hospital.

If your fistulagram will be performed at Emory Decatur Hospital, you will need to go to the hospital’s central registration area.

  • From North Decatur Road, enter the hospital campus via Wash Lively Road.
  • At road end, turn right. (Note: If you are in a wheelchair or need to be dropped off at the entrance, turn left and proceed to the Central Registration patient drop-off which is on the right just past the main hospital entrance. Your driver should then turn around and continue to the Visitor/Patient parking deck.)
  • At stop sign, turn left and park in the Visitor/Patient parking deck.
  • Take any elevator or stairs to the 3rd level.
  • Proceed to the Pedestrian Bridge to the hospital.
  • Take bridge straight ahead to the escalators.
  • Take escalators down one level.
  • Once off escalators, turn right and immediately left and follow the directions to the hospital main lobby.
  • Proceed past the hospital Gift Shop on your right.
  • Once in the main lobby, follow the hallway to Central Registration.
  • At the end of hallway, turn left.
  • Central Registration is on the right.

If your fistulagram is being performed at Emory Hillandale Hospital, go to the hospital’s registration area.

  • Park in the hospital parking lot.
  • Proceed to the main entrance of the hospital.
  • Registration is directly on the right – you must register before proceeding to the Imaging Department.
  • When you have completed registration, a staff member will direct you to the Imaging Department for your fistulagram.
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