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Heart Services: Cardiac Treatments

DeKalb Medical provides comprehensive, top-quality Atlanta-based heart services and cardiovascular care to serve the growing needs of our community. We diagnose and provide a variety of cardiac treatments for a wide range of cardiac (heart) and vascular (circulatory) diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases affect the heart or blood vessels, and are the largest cause of death worldwide. Cardiovascular diseases are the cause of death more frequently for Americans than cancer, and American women have increasingly been affected by heart disease in recent years. For these reasons, we provide extensive, high-quality heart services to our patients to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. Our cardiac treatments are provided by a team of skilled specialists who will help you on the road to treatment and recovery.

Atlanta Cardiac Treatments

DeKalb Medical’s advanced heart services and Atlanta-based cardiac treatments include diagnostic testing, monitored care units and extensive cardiac recovery programs.

Advanced Cardiac Diagnostic Tests

  • Non-interventional tests: ECGs, stress tests, holter monitors, calcium scoring, cardiac ultrasound and coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA)
  • Interventional diagnostic procedures: cardiac catheterization

Cardiac Treatments

  • Emergency angioplasty, pacemaker insertion and others
  • Monitored care units, including the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the Telemetry Unit—for just the right level of intensive hospital care when you need it
  • Heart & Vascular Nursing Unit for patients receiving outpatient heart and vascular procedures

Click here to see how our emergency cardiac treatment saved one patient's life.

Cardiac Recovery

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program - This program is a multifaceted process that uses prescribed exercise, wellness education and lifestyle changes to reduce risk factors for heart disease. Program participants are referred to the Cardiac Rehab Program by their heart services physician, after recovering from a heart event or procedure.

For more information about our Atlanta heart services and to learn more about our cardiac treatments, contact us at 404.501.7155.

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