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patient diabetes forms

For your convenience, the following expectations are outlined to help prepare for your upcoming appointment or class.

Please show up at your scheduled appointment date(s) and time(s). Your appointment(s) will be sent to you, via e-mail or direct mail. Please bring that letter with you to your class. Call 404.501.1790 and select option 3 if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Please bring:

1. Completed pre-registration and initial assessment forms you received by mail or e-mail. If you are in need of any assessment forms, please click the desired form below. 

2. Your insurance card and picture ID – Please check with your insurance regarding the coverage specific to your type of appointment or class.
3. All medications or a list of medications including dosage, time, frequency
4. Your social security number and spouse’s if insurance is in spouse’s name
5. Your blood sugar meter and log book. If you are in need of a blood sugar meter or log book form, please click the desired form below.

There is no need to fast before appointment or class.

Your appointment will be held on the ground floor of Emory Decatur Hospital in the Nutrition and Diabetes Education Center.

If traveling by CAR, to use FREE parking pass:

1. Turn onto Winn Way from North Decatur Road (across from CVS) and proceed to Bill Thrasher Drive. Turn right, park & leave parking pass on your dash.
2. Follow signs for the Nutrition and Diabetes Education Center.
3. Press the intercom call button (on the wall to your left) for permission to enter.
4. As soon as you enter, we are on your left.
5. Check in at front desk.

**Please Note: If you are handicap, you will need to enter through an alternate door. Please call us when you arrive and we will direct you where to go and meet you at the door. You may still park along Bill Thrasher Drive.  

If taking the train, the best way is via the Blue Line. Exit at Avondale Estates. Bus #125/Northlake/Avondale will take you to Winn Way. Exit here and head opposite from N. Decatur Road. Take a right onto Bill Thrasher Drive and follow the signs to the Nutrition and Diabetes Education Center. Press press the call button for permission to enter. We are located on your left hand side as soon as you enter.

For a full list of patient forms, including Physician Referral, see below.

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