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DeKalb Medical now accepting applications for Dr. Gulshan S. Harjee Scholarship

April 13, 2018

DeKalb Medical now accepting applications for Dr. Gulshan S. Harjee Scholarship 

DECATUR—High school seniors interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field are invited to apply for the Dr. Gulshan S. Harjee Scholarship. Applications are due Monday, April 30, 2018. 

The scholarship, which is named for for well-known Atlanta-area internist, Gulshan Harjee, M.D., will be awarded to students who embody her passion and dedication to caring for others, despite facing challenges similar to the ones Dr. Harjee has overcome. Eligible students will be finishing high school, accepted to an accredited college and university, and will be interested in working in the medical field in roles including patient care techs, nurses, healthcare social workers, pharmacy techs or physicians. 

Dr. Harjee knows firsthand the struggles of fulfilling one’s passions. Born in Tanzania, she dreamed of becoming a physician, despite her country not having easily accessible healthcare. Her own father had dreamed of working in the medical field but resources prevented him from achieving those dreams.  Inspired by both her parents, Dr. Harjee wanted to become a doctor who would provide compassionate care for her patients, especially the sick, elderly and those in desperate circumstances. She fled Tanzania for Pakistan and later Iran—and was forced out of both countries because of war. Eventually she came to Atlanta, where persistence and hard work enabled her to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor at age 31. 

Dr. Harjee’s goal with her scholarship is to help other young men and women fulfill their own dreams—despite their circumstances. Scholarship amounts range from $500 to $3,000—payable to the school chosen by the recipient. 

“This scholarship has a message of thank you to society for lifting me up in my trials and travails.  I am also of the opinion that I must do within my power and ability to allow every deserving child the possibility of reaching their full potential,” Dr. Harjee said. “DeKalb County has a large immigrant and refugee population. I hope this scholarship can make an impact on this community—perhaps allowing one of the young people to fulfill the dream they never thought was possible.” 

Though Dr. Harjee has provided for the scholarship, donations also are welcome from the community to continue funding this important program. Visit us online at www.dekalbmedicalfoundation.org  to donate or apply for the scholarship.