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Joint Replacement Patients Find Relief from Constant Pain

February 06, 2018

Barbara Huff was living in constant pain in her right hip. Another patient, Rosetta Ash was in excruciating pain in her right knee, even after taking medication and receiving months of  conservative treatment. Both women found relief from their pain after joint replacement surgery performed by Dr. Nathan Jové of Atlanta Bone and Joint Specialists.

“Patients should always make sure they work with their physicians to determine if joint replacement surgery is their best option,” said Dr. Nathan Jove.  Prior to hip replacement surgery, Huff had tried multiple anti-inflammatory medications and living in constant pain.  “I didn’t want to use these drugs for the remainder of my life,” she said.  Because her bones were deteriorating and with a diagnoses of bone on bone osteoarthritis, she knew that her hip would not improve over time.  After exhausting all other pain relief measures, Dr. Jove recommended the surgery and Huff decided to get her hip replaced.

The day after surgery she was able to go home, which is considered impressive for someone in their mid eighties.  Within three hours after coming out of the recovery room, she felt so good that she walked over 400 feet with the support of physical therapy staff. The typical patient walks an average of 5-50 feet a few hours after surgery.  “At my age, it’s kind of a miracle,” said Huff.  Huff had her other hip replaced two-three years prior, and due to the new pain injections Dr. Jové now uses in surgery, there is amazing early pain relief for those painful first few days.

For Rosetta Ash, having total knee replacement surgery was life changing.  She initially injured her knee at home then she re-injured it after walking down 11 flights of stairs during a fire drill at work.  She treated her knee pain, inflammation and osteoarthritis with medications and cortisone shots for months. She was  fortunate to receive DeKalb Medical’s first outpatient surgery and care from a coordinated team of experts. “The doctor, nurses and everyone gave me excellent care,” said Rosetta Ash. “They told me what to expect every step of the way, from pre-op to surgery through post-surgery. I didn’t have to guess about anything and I really appreciate that.” 

Just one week after surgery, she had the highest range of motion she could possibly have. “It’s absolutely miraculous,” she said. “I feel better than I could have ever imagined.” She was able to recover in the comfort of her home largely because of the pre-op education, her family members supporting her and driving her in the early post-operative period, excellent coordinated care and the tools she needed for a successful recovery.

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