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Patient Satisfaction Surveys

There is no better way to ensure quality care than to focus on patient satisfaction. Although our staff members are always looking for ways to improve our care and our service to you, the best judge of your satisfaction level is you. That is why we use patient satisfaction surveys to gather information.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys Give Us Feedback

At Emory Long-Term Acute Care, we use an outside company to conduct patient satisfaction surveys to ask our patients what they think of our service. Use of another company to conduct the patient satisfaction surveys ensures objective, accurate information. Because improving patient satisfaction is important to us, board members, administrators and managers review the data to see how we rate against similar healthcare organizations throughout the country. As a patient, your opinions in these patient satisfaction surveys are important to us because you help us identify areas we can continue to improve.

One idea we’ve implemented to improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction is “hourly rounding.” This means that while you are in the hospital, a nurse or patient care assistant will come into your room every hour to make sure you are comfortable and to make sure you don’t have any unmet needs. We know that being a patient in a hospital is not easy and we want you to feel safe and secure that your needs will be met. We look for ways to ensure high levels of quality care and patient satisfaction.

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