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quality medical care & national
patient safety goals

It is difficult to evaluate any healthcare organization’s ability to provide high levels of quality medical care and to meet the requirements of National Patient Safety Goals but at Emory Long-Term Acute Care, our staff is constantly reviewing data that shows exactly where we are in terms of meeting our goals.

National Patient Safety Goals Guide Activities

Emory Long-Term Acute Care staff members use results of data to develop action plans that are implemented to address areas targeted for improvement. These plans and target goals are guided by recommendations such as the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals and clinical benchmarks from other organizations that identify benchmarks for quality medical care.

All of our individual departments and product service lines look carefully at their data related to quality medical care. The importance of patient safety also means that we have adopted technology that improves our ability to monitor our performance and to reduce errors that might result in harm to patients. Safety programs meet the requirements of the National Patient Safety Goals are an important part of our commitment to quality and we monitor feedback from patients and their families to identify areas in which we can improve.

We also participate with organizations that report our data to the public so that you can easily learn more about our quality care.

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