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Read about Our Hospital Quality Measures & Patient Safety Data 

Hospital Quality Measures

A commitment to ongoing hospital quality measures that include continuous review of patient safety data requires the time and effort of every employee, physician and volunteer. Each department and facility collects data on a wide range of hospital quality measures that identifies trends in our clinical outcomes and patient safety data. This information is reviewed on a regular basis to identify areas in which we can continue to improve.

Emory Long-Term Acute Care also participates in programs and uses tools provided by national quality and patient safety organizations such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to support our own efforts. By using tools developed by these national organizations, Emory Long-Term Acute Care staff members can collect hospital quality measures and patient safety data that can be used in comparisons with other hospitals to see how well we are doing.

Patient Safety Data Gathered by Quality Institute

The staff members of the Quality Institute, a unique organization within the Emory Decatur Hospital system that oversees performance improvement, as well as the development of hospital quality measures, and presentation of quality and patient safety data, coordinate quality and patient safety improvement efforts. All hospital leaders including board members, administrative team members and department managers receive monthly scorecards that show how well the healthcare system is meeting hospital quality and patient safety goals. This information is shared with all employees within their departments.

The quality of these scorecards and the effectiveness of data presentation are made possible by the clinical and data management expertise within the department. By measuring hospital quality measures and patient safety data with clinical outcome information, Emory Decatur Hospital is able to continuously monitor and improve how well we perform.

Making sure that all employees are able to see the level of quality care offered to patients gives everyone a chance to continuously look for ways to improve.

To learn more about our efforts to evaluate hospital quality measures and improve patient safety, read about our awards and certifications, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

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