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Patient Stories

Robert Barradas's Patient Story

Bishop Fowler's Patient Story

When Dr. Miles Fowler, bishop of Big Miller Grove Baptist Church, needed his right hip replaced, he didn’t rely on divine intervention to decide where to go. He took a close friend’s advice and chose DeKalb Medical at Hillandale.

The 69-year-old Stockbridge resident had experienced pain in his hip for longer than he could remember. It affected his ability to walk, and over time it became difficult for him to stand and do what he does best: lead his beloved congregation at Big Miller Grove, where he has served for over 32 years. Eventually his hip disintegrated to the point that he was unable to stand without falling.

In July 2008, Dr. Fowler turned to the orthopedic surgical experts at Hillandale for a hip replacement. “Naturally I had some fears at first— this was my first-ever surgery,” Dr. Fowler recalls. “But from my first visit to Hillandale I knew I had made the right choice.”

After the two-hour surgery, Dr. Fowler spent four days in recovery followed by 12 weeks of physical rehabilitation. His rehab began with getting out of bed and into a chair the first day, followed by exercises performed in and out of bed. He soon was able to walk the hallway with help and eventually walked it on his own. Dr. Fowler also learned the proper way to sit and stand to support his legs and hips. By the time he had mastered routine daily activities safely and independently, he was ready and eager to return home.

Dr. Fowler returned to his flock at Big Miller Grove with renewed vigor. “My hip replacement made me feel better not just physically, but mentally,” he recalls. “I didn’t have to worry about falling, which helped me better concentrate on my sermons.”

Today, Dr. Fowler preaches twice every Sunday and leads as many as five revivals throughout the year. He is grateful for his improved health and quality of life.

“It is clear that Hillandale staff members care greatly about the work they do every day— and they do it extremely well,” he comments. “I was consistently treated with professionalism, respect and compassion, from the moment I entered the hospital until the end of my therapy. I couldn’t have asked for better care.”

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