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Your personal Coach will play an important support role in the delivery of your care and recovery. Coaches are selected by you -- the patient -- and typically are a close friend or family member.

Your Coach’s role is simple. To help motivate and support you so your surgery is a success. By your side from the beginning, your Coach will attend your pre-operative education class with you and be waiting at the bedside when you wake up from surgery. Their job is to help you remember all the little details that your doctors and the recovery team will tell you. Your Coach will also accompany you to physical therapy, and our staff will train them to:

  • Assist with your at-home exercise program before and after surgery
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of an infection or blood clot
  • Change your surgical dressing when you get back home
  • Understand your prescription medications and interactions

 In addition to enjoying unlimited visiting hours while you’re here with us, your Coach will receive lunch on us on Wednesday as well as be a part of the discharge instructions, so they can keep a checklist of what you’ll need to stay on the road to recovery.

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