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Patient Testimonials

Gwen Keyes Fleming

Former DeKalb County District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming is passionate about many things— not the least of which is serving her community and working to make DeKalb a better place to live. While these passions are public, Gwen also is a strong advocate for a more personal cause: women’s health.

“So many women juggle jobs, family, elder care, community and religious work,” Gwen says. “It’s especially important for us to make our health a priority.”

In 2006, Gwen was ready to start planning a family. She wanted to find a healthcare facility with which she could build a lifelong relationship— one that offered full-spectrum care for women, including annual health exams, general OB/Gyn services and beyond. She wanted to be treated by medical professionals who were leaders in their field yet accessible, compassionate and sensitive to her personal concerns. And the facility had to be close to her South DeKalb County home. Gwen found the perfect fit at Emory Hillandale Hospital.

Gwen’s relationship with Hillandale has spanned routine exams, prenatal care and the birth of two children. Gwen remains loyal to the Emory Hillandale Hospital staff, whom she finds “easy to talk to and connect with— I never feel like I’m being rushed out of the office in preparation for the next patient.”

“Mao Zedong once said that women hold up half the sky,” comments Gwen. “We can’t take care of the people we love most unless we first love ourselves enough to take care of our own health.”

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