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Emory Hillandale Hospital Registered Nursing: Our Approach

Proactive Inpatient Nursing

Emory Hillandale Hospital’s inpatient nursing staff puts true meaning behind the phrase “proactive care.” Our innovative process ensures that inpatient needs are actively and consistently anticipated 24/7, no matter how small the need is— or how busy the floor happens to be. Our goal is to make patients as comfortable as possible under often-stressful circumstances while providing the highest quality care.

Hourly Patient Rounds

During the day, nurses and tech staff alternate hourly patient visits. Nighttime rounds are semi-hourly. During every round, they complete scheduled care tasks and routinely inquire about the patient’s pain level, comfort and bed position and personal needs (such as hygiene, bathroom and bathing needs). They review test results and care updates with patients and family members, discuss the care plan for the day and answer questions.

Staff members document completion of these rounds by initialing an hourly rounding clock placed in the patient’s room every day. Every morning, nurse managers follow up with patients on how well their needs were met over the past 24 hours. The result is consistent, full attention to every patient’s well being and safety, every day, around the clock.

Keeping Patients and Family Informed

Each inpatient room has a whiteboard on the wall with the nurse’s and tech’s names and direct phone extensions so they are reachable on duty. Also listed are updates on the patient’s plan of care and goals set by the patient’s care team. This information is revised as needed and remains in full sight of the patient, ensuring that the patient and his loved ones continue to be informed from admission through discharge.

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