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Community Health Needs Assessment

Emory Hillandale Hospital is pleased to present this Community Health Assessment and Implementation Plan.

Click on the links below to view the Hillandale Community Health Needs Assessment report, Implementation Plan and Stakeholder's Summary:

Many factors affect a community’s health status and no hospital can address every facet of health status. The aspects of our society that directly or indirectly influence physical and emotional well being are known as the “social determinants of health.” These include, for example, socioeconomic conditions, access to resources such as healthy food and quality healthcare, and social norms and attitudes.

While Emory Hillandale Hospital supports efforts to find solutions to these problems, there are many other community organizations that can and do great work in these arenas. We will focus on the personal health and wellness needs of the communities it serves.

Our Board of Directors has adopted the Community Health Assessment and Implementation Plan and is committed to using the tactics identified to address the health priorities selected as appropriate for the organization’s hospitals.

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