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volunteer opportunities

Volunteers at DeKalb Medical are involved in a number of different areas throughout the hospital and perform a variety of duties. Some of these include:

Dogwood Gift Shop

The Dogwood Gift Shop is owned and operated by the DeKalb Medical Auxiliary. The purpose of the Shop is to serve the patients, visitors and employees of DeKalb Medical. Proceeds from the Dogwood Shop are given back to DeKalb Medical Foundation. Volunteers contribute in all aspects of the running of the Dogwood Gift Shop including operating the cash register, receiving, buying, displays, sales and customer relations.

Nursing Units - Volunteer Visitor

The nursing units are the heartbeat of DeKalb Medical where all our inpatients are located. The main purpose of the volunteers in this area is to assist the staff by answering call lights and phones, running errands, filing, stocking supplies, making copies and assisting with menu selections and other duties as requested.

Courtesy Cart - Weekend driver needed

The Courtesy Cart is a 6-passenger battery powered golf cart. The purpose of the Courtesy Cart is to provide complimentary rides to anyone between the parking deck and all areas of the DeKalb Medical North Decatur campus.

Volunteers must be at least 18 with a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. They must be able to drive during inclement weather, have a congenial attitude and provide good customer service.

Diagnostic Imaging Center (DIC)

The DIC is made up of many methods of imaging or modalities. They include CAT scan, Ultrasound, PET/CT and MRI, to name a few. The purpose of the volunteer in this area is to assist patients with preparation for tests and assist DIC staff. Some of the volunteer duties are to greet patients, answer phones, and act as a liaison for the front desk and the scheduling room.

Emergency Department (ED)

Volunteers in the ED must be able to deal with people who may be under a great deal of stress. They will be assisting the ED staff with things such as escorting patients to their assigned room, getting rooms ready for the next patient, doing patient rounding, and transport of patients from the ED to ancillary departments. Special training is required.


This service requires general secretarial-type work. The volunteers will be assisting staff with computer work, filing, answering phones and running errands.

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