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college program

Geared toward meeting the flexible scheduling needs of college students, the college program provides a variety of opportunities.

College volunteers must:

  • Submit a complete application
  • Submit a transcript with a minimum 3.0 GPA.  Students must be enrolled in college, and preference is given to pre-medical career studies
  • Provide two letters of reference from non-family members
  • Submit to a criminal background check
  • Submit a medical clearance form completed by your personal physician
  • Interview with a Volunteer Services Staff Member
  • Commit to a minimum of two semesters of service for four hours per week
  • Select a specific weekly service area and volunteer schedule
  • Attend a two-hour volunteer orientation
  • Submit to a T-SPOT blood test for Tuberculosis at orientation
  • Participate in annual T-SPOT blood test each spring
  • Participate in an annual influenza vaccination each fall
  • Pay annual dues of $15 (collected at orientation and due annually each summer)
  • Purchase a volunteer uniform from Volunteer Services for $15 (collected at orientation)
  • All new volunteers are on a 90-day trial period

    Please note:  You will be contacted for an interview only after the Foundation & Volunteer Services Office has received your application, transcript, physician clearance, two letters of reference and criminal background check results. Volunteer Services makes the final decision in placing a volunteer.

Volunteer Application Form

Please fill out your Volunteer Application Form and save the form to your desktop. You can then either print out the completed form and mail or fax it to the Foundation & Volunteer Services Office, or email the form to:  foundation@dekalbmedical.org. The address and fax number can be found at the bottom of the application pages.

If you are experiencing problems with the above form, click here to access a print only version of this form. After you complete the form, either fax or mail it to the Foundation & Volunteer Services Office.

*Please note that the Foundation & Volunteer Services Department is not affiliated with the Human Resources Department or any facet of employment services. Volunteering is not a pathway to employment. Acceptance into the program does not guarantee employment with the hospital, nor will it enable you to get a job in any department in which you have volunteered. Those seeking such services should contact their respective academic or employment placement services for further referrals on internship/employment training sites. We view volunteering as a long-term commitment and see committed individuals who will be DeKalb Medical Team Members for years to come.

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