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kevin ricks

Several years ago I developed an ulcer on my right leg. My leg was swollen up from lymphedema and the ulcer began bleeding. At that time, I saw my primary care physician and she cleaned out the wound. Then I was visited regularly by home health professionals to continue treating my wound. Unfortunately, two months ago my ulcer got worse again. It ended up being a deep hole that went all the way to the bone.

At this point I had been dealing with non-healing wounds for four years and had visited two different Wound Care Centers with no success, so my physician referred me to a doctor at the DeKalb Medical Comprehensive Wound Care Center. The physician there immediately changed the type of compression wrap on my leg to a stronger one that would help keep the swelling down. He also recommended that I undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

I began going to the Wound Care Center five days a week for oxygen treatment. Each day I would spend one and a half hours in the hyperbaric chamber. As of now, I have completed 26 total treatments, and my wound is almost completely healed. I still have to wear the wrap, but after it is totally healed I can switch to a compression stocking.

I am so glad that I got treatment at DeKalb Medical. My doctor knew exactly what he was doing, and he and his office staff were very friendly and professional. During the course of my treatment my mom passed away, and the staff was very compassionate and got me a card to show they cared. I would definitely seek treatment at the DeKalb Medical Comprehensive Wound Care Center for any problems I have in the future. I just wish my regular doctor had sent me there three years ago.

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