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kevin manning

Kevin Manning When Kevin Manning had a wound that would not heal 10 years ago, he went to a wound care center near his home. His experience was not a good one, so when he developed another wound that was not healing properly, he asked his physician to recommend a different place for treatment.

The referral led him to Robin Dretler, M.D., an infectious disease specialist at DeKalb Medical. “My staph infection was spreading so the first step was to stop the infection,” explains Manning. In addition to the intravenous antibiotics Manning received, he also underwent steps to debride, or remove damaged tissue, from the wound. Dr. Dretler also recommended hyperbaric treatment at the DeKalb Medical Comprehensive Wound Care Center to speed the healing process.

During hyperbaric oxygen treatment 100% oxygen is breathed at a pressure greater than sea level pressure, which increases the amount of oxygen dissolved into the blood. The increased oxygen that flows throughout the body improves the body’s response to infection and supports tissue growth and wound healing.

Manning’s 20 years of experience as a director of systems and programming at Equifax and 30 years of working part-time at several Atlanta area radio stations as his “hobby” taught him that the best way to reach goals and be successful is to work as a team. He points out that all members of the wound care center work well together. “It is very well-organized and efficient,” he says. “I don’t have to complete paperwork at every visit and I’m treated like an individual not a patient number.”

“Throughout all of my treatment, options were explained to me and I got to participate in the decisions about my treatment,” says Manning. Hyperbaric treatment was a new concept for him but the Wound Care Center staff explained how it works and why it speeds healing, he says. “My treatment lasted two hours for a total of 20 days and their schedule was flexible enough to accommodate my schedule,” he adds.

“The treatment was painless and was never uncomfortable,” says Manning. Cable television and DVDs to watch during treatment made the time go by quickly. “If I wanted to do so, I could just take a two hour nap,” he laughs.

Because Manning is diabetic, he is aware of the danger of wounds that don’t heal and sought treatment early. The early treatment and the referrals to Dr. Dretler and the Comprehensive Wound Care Center made it possible for Manning to recover more quickly and more easily. “Anytime you are going through a difficult time it is good to have doctors and other professionals you can trust. I was impressed with Dr. Dretler’s manner and compassion, and his resolve to heal my wound. I’m glad I found this group of people at DeKalb Medical.”

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