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evelyn robinson

Evelyn RobinsonI developed a blister on my heel and underwent treatment at another local hospital for about three months. Each time I went they would clean the wound with wound cleanser and wrap it. Instead of getting better, the blister got larger and then got infected. My foot turned black and developed gangrene. It was very frightening, and I did not want to have it amputated.

At that point, I was referred to Dr. Boden at the DeKalb Medical Comprehensive Wound Care Center. Within three days I had an appointment with him. He was very honest and said that they might be able to save my foot and might not. Two days later I was admitted to DeKalb Medical. I had three infections and was also anemic. A DeKalb Medical surgeon operated on me and had to amputate part of my heel, but he was able to save my leg and foot. I was given antibiotics, and I went through six weeks of inpatient rehabilitation.

During this time, I also went regularly to the Wound Care Center. I was treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This lasted for 20 days. My wound got infected again, so I went 20 more days in the hyperbaric chamber. They also did skin grafts and used a wound vacuum to help my wound heal.

After my hospitalization, I had home health care and was in a wheelchair for quite a while. Finally, the wound healed and I was able to put some pressure on my foot. I was able to gradually increase the pressure and now I can walk with a walker or a cane.

Although it took a long time, my wound is completely healed. Dr. Boden did an excellent job. He said he would do everything he could to save my foot, and he did! I love the DeKalb Medical Wound Care Center. The staff was wonderful, and I have already recommended Dr. Boden and DeKalb Medical to others.

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