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david rocker

David RockerAfter many years of struggling with diabetes, I had a kidney transplant in 2002. Many years later in 2008, I had to have my left foot amputated due to complications from the same disease. Although losing my foot was very traumatic, I was even more distraught to learn that my leg was not healing well after the surgery. Every time I looked at the wound, I would just cry. But in June of 2008 I was referred to a doctor at the DeKalb Medical Comprehensive Wound Care Center and my life took a turn for the better.

My doctor said that I needed hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help my wound heal properly. Treatment involved lying in a hyperbaric chamber four hours a day for 90 days. While that sounds like a long and grueling process, it was actually a very positive experience. The physicians and staff at the Wound Care Center were super, and they treated me like royalty. They were very caring and the service was excellent.

Each day the hyperbaric chamber was clean and ready for me when I arrived. The linens and gowns were also fresh and clean. When I got to the Wound Care Center the staff would take my blood pressure and blood sugar, and then they would place me in the hyperbaric chamber. They made sure I was comfortable and allowed me to choose whatever television station I wanted to watch while undergoing my daily therapy. I also met with my doctor each Friday to assess how my treatment was going.

I am very happy to say that my wound has healed nicely with the oxygen therapy. I met with my doctor recently and he said the nerves in my amputated foot are working just as they should. My treatment at the DeKalb Medical Wound Care Center was top notch, and I wouldn’t give anything for it. If you have a wound that won’t heal like I had, I highly recommend that you go there. If they can do such a great job for me, I know that they can do that for you, too!

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