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extremely attentive staff

Karen JacksonLike most first-time mothers, Karen Jackson was nervous about having a baby. Yet, she quickly found an invaluable resource in the staff at DeKalb Medical who delivered not only her baby but also outstanding customer service – something her friends who delivered at other hospitals envied. She described this in a letter to DeKalb Medical.

My husband and I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the lactation staff at DeKalb Medical. As a first time mother, I learned so much from the lactation staff who visited my room several times each day when I delivered our son. Jill and many of the other staff were extremely attentive and ensured that I had all the knowledge needed to begin breastfeeding. I felt so comforted when I even received a follow up call upon returning home. I had many questions that they answered immediately.

I have also called the lactation department twice and have attended the Thursday meetings to meet other new mothers. I was impressed that DeKalb Medical welcomes mothers from other hospitals to offer assistance with breastfeeding. I have spoken with numerous friends who have delivered at other hospitals but did not receive the time and individual attention needed to learn about breastfeeding. In addition, several friends who delivered at other hospitals wish they had the customer service and attention that I received at DeKalb Medical.

Thank you again! Karen Jackson & Syed Ally

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