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Robert and Phil LevetanRobert and Phil Levetan

Wellness Center Members

You may tell them apart by remembering that Robert has the beard and Phil is married to Liane, but no matter how you remember them, you WILL remember the Levetan brothers!

Active in gymnastics years ago, Robert (or maybe Phil!) decided it was time to get back into exercising. “Other clubs didn’t click,” says Robert the research chemist, “but this place is inexpensive and requires no commitment. It has a nice atmosphere, there’s a nice mix of people, no ‘show offs.’” He says this with a sly smile because Robert, who along with Phil, does 300 repetitions of chin-ups twice a week in addition to walking the track and using the weight machines. No, really...300.

“If Bob sees someone not using a machine properly, he’ll show them,” says Phil.

“Well, people have shown me so I’ll pass it on,” responds Robert. “He’s my brother; I have to take care of him (smile).”

“He pushes me,” Phil agrees. “Our contemporaries are in wheelchairs and walkers. Unless you keep active mentally and physically, that’s where you might end up, too.”

Phil reveals their secrets: “We both eat a handful of vitamins in the morning and we stay away from fat.”

“This facility is comfortable and nice and people are serious - everyone is trying to do something healthy,” says Robert. “We’re all here trying to stay healthy,” echoes Phil. “And it’s working!” says Robert (or maybe Phil!).

Sarah S. WyattSarah S. Wyatt

Wellness Center Member

We caught up with Sarah one morning after her regular workout (from 5:30 - 7:30 a.m.) to see what she had to say about The Wellness Center.

“I joined The Wellness Center and I’m glad I did because my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have decreased. I am taking swimming classes with Debbie Vinson and I come to the Center at least two to three times a week. Also, I have gone from seven minutes on the elliptical machine to 30 minutes! The more I use the machines, the more comfortable I feel and I can stay on the machine longer. I use the stationary bike and the weights, too. Then I walk around the track 15 times (to equal one mile) and then cool down.

What I enjoy about coming to The Wellness Center at DeKalb Medical is that everyone has been courteous, nice and friendly. The employees are always there to help with any problem.

I feel wonderful after my swimming lessons and after I work out on the machines, I have so much energy. I feel great after my workout!"

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