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The Wellness Center
Exercise Class Schedule

The Wellness Center in Atlanta currently offers more than 50 land and water fitness classes! We are constantly updating our schedule to include new and different classes. Please see the Group Exercise Schedules (Land & Aqua) posted in the lobby for the latest listing of our classes and times.

Most exercise classes listed below are free to members except where noted.

Land Class Descriptions/Schedule

Wellness Center Land Exercise Schedule

Please note: The group exercise schedule may be changed as needed–please call 404.501.2222 to verify the status of a class. Download the latest Please note: The group exercise schedule may be changed as needed–please call 404.501.2222 to verify the status of a class. Download the latest Exercise Schedule. The classes below which are italicized have a separate fee. They are open to members and non-members. Please call 404.501.2222 for information about registering.

Beginner Step

Learn how to step with this class. You will learn basic terminology, find out how to monitor and change intensity and go over a few basic combinations to get you going. Come refresh your skills or use this class as a springboard to other classes.

Boot Camp

This is an intense workout for conditioned individuals.


Incorporate some aerobic kickboxing moves in your cardio workout.


Add some cardio to your strength routines.

Easy Motion/SilverSneakers

Exercise in your chair. This class is especially good for individuals who are unable to stand for long periods. It is designed for improving range of motion, muscle tone and cardio-respiratory fitness. Movements are performed sitting or standing.

Exercise Prescription Session

A way for the beginner to start or for the advanced to take the next step. Meet with an exercise physiologist to identify goals, help maintain motivation and set or rework an exercise program to be used at or away from The Wellness Center.

Fee: $30/half-hour, $45/hour. Call 404.501.5415 for an appointment.

Hi/Low Impact

Mix it up with a little of both high and low-impact, intensity workouts.

Low Impact

This light aerobic workout is designed for older adults or those just beginning to exercise. Helps boost energy and stamina for day to day activities, emphasizing osteoporosis prevention. An intermediate-intensity fitness class to condition your cardiovascular system, increase muscle tone and strength and improve flexibility. Low impact allows you to work at your own level and maintain your heart rate without the stress of high-impact aerobics.

Muscle Works

This exercise session will help boost your energy in addition to increasing your overall strength. The class focuses on resistance training to help increase muscle definition and burn fat while improving your posture.

Personal Training

Train one-on-one with an exercise specialist for the instruction and motivation to help you have a better workout. Personal training fits your needs: regularly for each workout to maximize your exercise; once a week to enhance your routine; once a month or simply as needed. Remember, we're here for you.

Fee: $35/half-hour, $50/hour. Discount package: $150/five-half-hour sessions or $210/five-one hour sessions. Call 404.501.5415 for an appointment.

Pilates/Beginning Pilates

Based on the theory of Joseph Pilates, this class is a workout targeting the core muscles of the body for improved posture and muscle tone.


Latin dance moves to get your heart pumping.

Senior Cardio Jam

Get your heart rate up!


An intermediate to advanced intensity workout incorporating the Reebok STEP and upper and lower body strengthening. The aerobic portion of the class is a nonstop, action-packed, intense workout using a 4, 6, or 8-inch step while performing upper body movements.

Step/Circuit Training

An intermediate to advanced intensity workout, this class works both cardio and strength.

Strength & Balance 55 and Older
Use it or lose it!

Technogym Setup

This session is required before using the Technogym weight-training machines. It is an individual session with an exercise physiologist who will design you Technogym program to meet your individual abilities, needs and exercise goals. The session includes exercise prescription, blood pressure reading, heart rate check and body fat measurement.

Fee: $35 (one-time fee). Call 404.501.5415 for an appointment.

Technogym Weight Training

Technogym is an individual total body workout using state-of-the art weight machines designed to tone and strengthen various muscle groups. NOTE: For personal safety and injury avoidance, a set-up, conducted by an exercise physiologist, is required before using this equipment (see above).


Hatha postures for health and fitness.

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