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Sleeve Gastrectomy with Single Anastamosis Loop Duodenal Bypass

Sleeve Gastrectomy with Single Anastamosis Loop Duodenal Bypass (or Loop DS) is very similar to the duodenal switch (this refers to where most of the stretchable stomach is permanently removed Loop DSand significantly shrinks the stomach capacity, but the basic stomach structure remains the same so calorie absorption decreases).

With this procedure, a portion of the stomach is removed (a.k.a. sleeve gastrectomy). In addition, the intestines are rerouted so calorie absorption is reduced. The intestine is attached approximately 8 -10 feet from the colon to the first part of the small intestine to the pyloric valve (which controls the flow of partially digested food from the stomach to the small intestine). This creates a loop that diverts the food stream from the top half of the small intestines, and in turn, creates a shorter channel which helps decrease the chances of weight regain by decreasing calorie absorption. Patients typically report a significant decrease in hunger and food consumption after this operation.

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