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Weight Loss Surgery Options

The bariatric specialists at DeKalb Medical’s Comprehensive Weight Loss Center offer several weight loss surgery options, providing patients with a choice in their approach to weight loss. These include:

The weight loss surgery procedure that you will undergo is carefully determined through a one-on-one consultation with your bariatric surgeon. This determination is based on specific health and safety criteria including Body Mass Index (BMI), associated medical conditions, prior history of abdominal surgery, available weight loss surgery options and other variables. Our Atlanta-based bariatric specialists will help you determine the best option.

Experienced Bariatric Specialists and a Variety of Weight Loss Surgery Options: Minimally Invasive vs. Open Surgery

Surgical procedures can be performed open or minimally invasive. Only the bariatric specialists at DeKalb Medical can determine which of the weight loss surgery options is best for you.

During minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery, our bariatric specialists will insert a small camera into your abdomen, allowing our surgeons to view the procedure on a separate video monitor. Of the weight loss surgery options available, this approach is considered a less invasive weight loss surgery option because it replaces the need for a larger incision that opens the abdomen (open surgery).

Some studies suggest that patients who have had laparoscopic weight loss surgery experienced less pain after surgery, resulting in easier breathing and lung function as well as higher overall oxygen levels. Other benefits included fewer wound complications, such as infection or hernia, and patients returning more quickly to pre-surgical levels of activity. Weight loss surgery options, such as minimally invasive surgery, should only be performed by a specially-trained bariatric surgeon.

In some cases, minimally invasive surgery is not appropriate and open surgery must be performed. This approach can also be very effective, but it may require a longer time to heal. Your bariatric surgeon will advise you about which approach is best for you. For more information about weight loss surgery options at DeKalb Medical, call our experienced Atlanta-based bariatric specialists at 404.501.7081.

Life after Bariatric Surgery

There are many safe and effective weight loss surgery options. However, having bariatric surgery is only one small step in your weight loss journey. If everything goes as planned, your surgery will take a short time and you will be out of the hospital in a few days; however, this is when most of the work begins. Peruse our site to learn more about weight loss management after bariatric surgery.

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