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The Kharods

Manisha and Virendra Kharod’s Story

Virendra Kharod underwent a sleep study at another center before coming to the Sleep Disorders Center at DeKalb Medical but he was not finding any benefit from the CPAP machine originally provided to him.

“I went to DeKalb Medical for another study because I was still not sleeping well,” says Kharod. At the same time, Virendra’s wife, Manisha, was told by her primary care physician that she should also undergo a sleep study. “Snoring was a problem for both of us and we were missing breaths,” he explains.

Virendra’s study showed that his CPAP machine was not set to the right pressure and the adjustment was made. Manisha’s study showed that she also had sleep apnea. “She had to come back for a second sleep study to receive her CPAP and make sure it was adjusted properly,” he says. “We are both sleeping well and we are not sleepy throughout the day,” he adds.

Kharod was impressed with the staff at the Sleep Disorders Center. “They were very flexible about scheduling our studies,” he says. “We had to go on a Friday night because our daughter works during the week and would not be able to pick us up on a weekday morning,” he explains. “The staff is very kind and very respectful of older people.”

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