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Jaci Lund

Jaci’s Story

Her mother’s concern is what led Jaci to the Sleep Disorders Center at DeKalb Medical.

“Sleep apnea runs in my family, so my mother wanted me to see if it was the cause of my sleep problems,” says Jaci Lund. At age 27, Lund is not a typical sleep disorder patient but the family history of sleep apnea, which has required surgery for some family members, along with her symptoms such as daytime sleepiness and feeling tired as she woke each morning, made her decide to undergo a sleep study.

“I put the test off because I thought it was weird to know that you were going to sleep while being hooked up to equipment and monitored throughout the night,” Lund admits. “Once I arrived and met Monty [the sleep technician], I felt comfortable,” she says.

The technician explained every piece of equipment and assured Lund that she would be comfortable throughout the night. “I slept throughout the night,” Lund says. “The results of my test showed that I only reached the first two levels of sleep, not the deeper third and fourth levels of sleep, because I did have sleep apnea,” she says.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which people don’t breathe normally during sleep. Abnormal breathing during sleep deprives the brain of the amount of oxygen it needs to function properly and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. The most common treatment for sleep apnea is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).

“I had to return for a second study to get set up for CPAP but I wasn’t nervous about this test,” says Lund. After receiving the CPAP machine, Lund began sleeping better throughout the night. “I didn’t realize how poorly I had slept and how much I craved a good night’s sleep,” she admits.

“Now, I’m doing great,” she says. “I use my CPAP most of the time and I feel better throughout the day.

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