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Pain no more

Two Total Knee Replacements

Edward Schuppe Before“Every single one of the nurses and technicians were amazing.”  Edward Schuppe can now enjoy simple walks and other recreational activities without worry of pain thanks to two successful total knee replacements performed by Alan Bircoll, MD.  “I played baseball, basketball, football and track and field in high school,” says Schuppe. “Then I continued playing sports in college and semiprofessional baseball for a couple of years.”

At age 65, after a lifetime of playing sports and stress on his joints, Schuppe was finally ready to have knee replacement surgery. His decision to have “the surgery” didn’t happen overnight; he thought about it for years before moving forward with the idea.

Once he made the decision to move forward with the surgery, Dr. Bircoll performed two knee replacements within 5 months of each other. The first knee replacement was on his left knee in November 2016 followed by his right knee in April 2017.

After his surgery he remembers how fantastic everyone who cared for him were. He remembers a time when an occupational therapist was in the room when he needed assistance to the restroom. Instead of calling a nurse in the room, the occupational therapist suggested that she could help. She assisted him safely to the restroom and back to his bed.

He even recalls Matt Glogowski, Program Manager for the Joint Solutions Center and Sports Medicine Program pitching in, “Matt is unbelievable, on several occasions, Matt would stop by to say hello and he would get water and ice chips or whatever,” said Schuppe.

Although his surgeries and doctor’s appointments were approximately 35 miles from his home in McDonough, Georgia, Schuppe says he’ll continue to travel the distance because he believes, “DeKalb Medical is the #1 hospital in Atlanta.” He continues to follow the doctor’s orders. Today, he rides his stationary bike for 10 minutes a day and stays fit with some upper body workouts. If there was one thing he wants to say to the staff in the hospital, “keep up the great work!”


Edward Schuppe After

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