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culver simmons

Prior to having a full knee replacement, 45 year-old Culver Simmons had difficulty putting on socks much less playing his favorite sport, golf. The trouble first started 17 years ago when he tore the connective tissue (anterior cruciate ligament or ACL) around his knee during a skiing accident.

Arthroscopic surgery in his twenties held him for a few years, but eventually the wear and tear on his knee turned into activity limiting daily discomfort. Simmons couldn’t do the things he loved to do anymore. He couldn’t run at all and stopped playing baseball. “I learned to live with the pain and worked around it,” says Simmons who eventually developed chronic back pain from the way he carried his weight as he attempted to compensate for his bad knee. The results of his MRI confirmed that he needed a knee replacement. Five minutes later, he says he had a date for his surgery.

“Knee replacement is major surgery, but DeKalb Medical makes it seem so simple,” says Simmons. “24 hours after the procedure, I was up and walking. I thought the healing process might be a little slower for me since I am diabetic, but it wasn’t,” recalls Simmons. “To be feeling as good as I do just 90 days after my surgery still amazes me,” says Simmons who admits he has been more active in the last three months than he has in the past three years thanks to the surgery. Even better, just four weeks after getting a new knee, Simmons was back on the putting green hitting golf balls. “I couldn’t be happier with my decision to have surgery,” says Simmons who is one of the youngest patients to undergo knee replacement at the Joint Solutions Center.

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