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Joint Health Services & Joint Care Solutions

Does it hurt to walk? Let's Talk. Call 404.501.TALK (8255) or email us at letstalk@dekalbmedical.org

From the day you decide to have surgery at the Joint Solutions Center until the day you head home, we’ll provide you with everything you need for your joint care every step of the way. You’ll have your own personal orthopedic recovery “coach” who can help you get back to your life and what you love to do more quickly.

You’ll also have a Joint Care Coordinator, who will work with you and your doctor to coordinate your entire care experience and answer all of your questions.

During and after your knee or hip replacement, we’ll keep you as comfortable as possible with “little extras” like:

  • All private rooms
  • Unlimited visiting hours with your coach
  • Wearing your own clothes — no hospital gowns
  • Your own chef in the Walkers’ Café
  • Recuperating in a room with oversized recliners
  • Personal Guide Book with surgery preparation and aftercare tips
  • Educational classes for you and your coach
  • Daily walks on our 3500-foot Georgia Sightseer Tour
  • Group therapy and joint care in our Joint Gym
  • Daily New Joint Newsletters
  • Gift shop with sundries and after-surgery aids
  • Relaxing on our rooftop garden patio
  • A reunion celebration 8-12 weeks after surgery

Georgia Sightseer Tour

Right outside of your hospital room door is a 3500-square foot joint care walking circuit called the Georgia Sightseer Tour. We built it because experience shows that the sooner our knee and hip replacement patients start walking after surgery, the greater mobility and success they enjoy when they leave.

Every 50 feet you walk, you’ll reach a new destination and level of independence as your orthopedic recovery coach and fellow patients cheer you on. Each time you step out on the Georgia Sightseer Tour, you’ll have a joint care physical therapist and/or your coach by your side to mark your progress as you race to the finish line and home.

“Comparing the distance I traveled to other patients really made me push myself a little harder.”

-- Pastor Michael Roper (dual knee replacement)

Joint Gym

The Joint Gym is located on the Joint Solutions Center floor, just a few feet from your patient room. Twice a day, you’ll be escorted to the Joint Gym by your joint care physical therapist where you will join your fellow patients. Together, you’ll learn how to use your new joint, improve muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion. A joint care experience you’re not likely to forget, exercise in the Joint Gym will give you the individual and group encouragement you need to get your body and your life back on track again.

“I never thought I could do it, but the first day after surgery I walked 100 feet and then 500 feet the next day.”

-- Beverly Brett (hip replacement)

Celebrate Your Success at a Reunion Dinner

After your joint care, you can expect to receive an invitation to a special celebration eight to twelve weeks after your surgery. The DeKalb Medical Joint Solutions Center (JSC) will host a complimentary luncheon or dinner for you, your orthopedic recovery coach and your fellow JSC graduates.

We’ll treat you to a delicious meal while we hear how you are progressing and share your successes and challenges with other hip and knee replacement patients. It’s our way of saying “thanks” for choosing the DeKalb Medical Joint Solutions Center and helping us identify opportunities in our continuous quest for joint care quality and service excellence.

2701 North Decatur Road Decatur, GA 30033
Patient Inquiries: 404.501.5200

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