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Imagine life with less pain. Now imagine having the kind of flexibility that gives you the ability to do the things you love again. At DeKalb Medical, it’s not a dream. It’s what our excellent orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to helping you achieve.

Whether your joint and muscle pain is the result of “wear and tear,” an injury or something more serious like rheumatoid arthritis, we can reduce your pain, restore function and get you back to living again.

Whether you're a sports-lover, senior or “on-the-go” adult, we can address all of your orthopedic needs. Through a full range of orthopedic services, our board-certified surgeons have the clinical mastery of advanced medical techniques and technology to make your life better.

Many joint pain-relief procedures can be done in an orthopedist's or physical therapist's office. Other orthopedic services may require an overnight stay at our Sports Medicine Center or our premiere Joint Solutions Center (JSC).

If you would like to speak with a former patient or a Joint Solutions Center specialist, register for one of our doctor talks or make an appointment with an orthopedic physician, click here if you are experiencing hip pain or click here if you are experiencing knee pain.


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Hip pain is one of the most common complaints that brings patients to the doctor’s office. Our team of doctors routinely provides the best treatment for hip pain and problems for Atlanta area residents


Knee pain is one of the most common complaints that brings patients to the doctor’s office. Our team of doctors routinely provides the best treatment for knee pain and problems for Atlanta area residents.


Here at DeKalb Medical, we offer various shoulder solutions treatment options for shoulder conditions such as surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

Sports Medicine Center

The Sports Medicine Center caters to active teens and adults in need of outpatient surgery for the relief of pain caused by repetitive sports, muscle overuse or injury.

Joint Exercises

Starting joint mobility exercises before your orthopedic surgery is a smart thing to do. Continuing the exercises after your orthopedic surgery will also speed up your recovery.

Physical Therapy

While you’re in the hospital, you’ll begin a schedule of therapy and exercise that will help you get used to your new joint and regain optimum mobility and function.

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2017 Top Docs

Atlanta Magazine: Top Doctors 2017

DeKalb Medical congratulates its physicians who were named “Top Doctors” in the July issue of Atlanta magazine. The list includes 94 physicians who are members of the medical staff at DeKalb Medical. Click here to read the full story.

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Emergency Department Renovations

We appreciate your patience while we renovate our Emergency Department. Services are ongoing, but entrances and access points for drop-offs and pick-ups have temporarily been changed from July 18 to October 6, 2017. Click here to read more.
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Diana Berry

Diana Berry

Sometimes our past catches up with us, or at least for Decatur librarian, Diana Berry, that seems to be the case. The 57 year-old total knee replacement patient says a 25 year-old skiing accident took its toll on her right knee until one day, it even hurt for her to do simple things like walk her dog.

Standing on her feet all day in the school’s library/media center also aggravated the old Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury and kept it inflamed. “I tried to ignore the pain,” shares Berry, who underwent cortisone injections and other therapies with little noticeable improvement in her knee. “When it got to where I was waking up in pain, I knew it was time to do something,” remembers Berry.

That’s when her doctor recommended surgery at the Joint Solutions Center at DeKalb Medical. “The nursing staff and my experience was great,” recalls Berry, who says she regained 100% mobility in her right knee in just three short months. “My joint care team was so flexible,” says Berry, “they really listened to me and respected how I wanted to recover.” Berry, who enrolled in therapeutic yoga prior to her joint replacement so she could stay in shape, regained her strength and stamina speedily.

Back on her feet just hours after surgery, Berry spent only two days in the hospital and was able to walk more than 3,000 feet on the Center’s indoor walking circuit before heading home to continue her recovery. “I’m ready to have my other knee done now,” laughs Berry, who is back behind the book counter in DeKalb County and writing some of the best chapters of her life.
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