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After Delivery

Your Baby's Here

You and your baby have just completed an incredible journey. Some mothers are surprised that their baby isn’t “picture perfect” when he or she arrives. Babies are born with a thin, whitish coating and they are bloody. Their heads have been conforming to the birth canal so their skull may be distorted or cone-shaped. Underneath the wrinkles and red and white messiness is a bundle of joy – your beautiful son or daughter.

Mother-Baby Unit

Our Mother-Baby Unit is designed to provide a quiet, comfortable place to rest and recover from your delivery with 52 private Mother-Baby rooms. New mothers are encouraged to keep their baby with them round-the-clock, using this special time to discover your new baby and become more familiar with his or her care. Our Mother-Baby nurses are happy to show you all you will need to know about caring for yourself and your new baby. Each room also features a window seat couch/sleeper and your partner or one other adult is welcome to spend the night with you.

Special Care

While we give all our mothers and babies special attention, some require greater medical care. Should your baby require extra attention, DeKalb Medical offers a neonatal nursery in Georgia with a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This unit is for babies who are born early or those who need heart monitoring, special medications or assistance breathing. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their baby’s care.

Lactation Center

DeKalb Medical offers support for breastfeeding mothers while you are in the hospital and when you and your baby have gone home.

Hospital Stay

How long you are in the hospital after your baby is born depends on your health and your specific insurance coverage. Generally, mothers stay 24 to 48 hours days after a vaginal birth and 48 to 72 hours after a cesarean birth.

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