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Kyphoplasty for Women –
DeKalb Medical


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DeKalb Medical performs kyphoplasty for women, a minimally invasive treatment that can repair spinal fractures in the body of a vertebra. When a vertebra fractures, the usual rectangular shape of the bone becomes compressed and distorted, causing pain. The fracture causes it to collapse and the spinal column above it to develop an abnormal forward curve. These fractures can be caused by osteoporosis , certain forms of cancer that weaken the bones or benign lesions. Kyphoplasty is most often used to treat fractures caused by osteoporosis.

In kyphoplasty for women, X-rays are used to show the collapsed bones and to guide the physician to the site of the fractured bone. Orthopaedic balloons are inserted and used to lift the fractured bone, returning it to the correct position and shape. A special bone cement then is injected to hold the vertebra in place. The balloons are removed during the procedure.

When the balloons are not needed to restore the shape of the fractured bone, a similar procedure known as vertebroplasty may be performed. Vertebroplasty involves using x-rays for guidance to inject a special cement mixture through a hollow needle into the fractured bone.

Some patients experience immediate pain relief, while most people report their pain is gone or significantly better within 48 hours.

Preparing for your Kyphoplasty Procedure

Because kyphoplasty for women is performed under local anesthesia, you should plan to have someone drive you home after your procedure. Do not take any blood thinners or aspirin three days prior to your procedure. Be sure to ask your physician about any medications you are taking or any questions your might have about your procedure.

Do not eat or drink anything four to six hours before your procedure.

The procedure usually takes less than one hour and may require an overnight hospital stay as determined by your doctor.

You should rest after you get home for six to eight hours before resuming normal activities. After your kyphoplasty procedure, your nurse will give you any other after-care instructions.

Use these preparation and care instructions as a guide. A detailed report will be sent to your physician, who will share the results with you.

Scheduling and Directions

Your physician will contact DeKalb Medical to schedule your kyphoplasty procedure for you.

Your kyphoplasty will be performed at the Imaging Center at DeKalb Medical at North Decatur.

  • From North Decatur Road, enter the hospital campus via Wash Lively Road.
  • The Diagnostic Imaging Center is on the left.
  • Parking is on the left in front of the center and is free for all Imaging Center patients.

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