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Biopsy Procedures

DeKalb Medical offers a wide-range of diagnostic biopsy procedures to remove cells from a suspicious area for laboratory examination. Biopsy procedures can be performed using surgery if the suspicious area is near the skin’s surface or can be removed during surgery. A biopsy may be performed to determine if a tumor is cancerous or to determine the cause of unexplained infection or swelling.

A biopsy, or tissue sampling, allows for removal of specific cells so they can be in the laboratory for a diagnosis. Some biopsy procedures can be done in the physician’s office while others require an outpatient clinic or hospital setting. Some biopsies require use of an anesthetic to numb the area while others don’t require any medication or sedation.

Today, many biopsy procedures use various imaging technology and procedures to assist with securing the tissue from the suspicious area and to reduce the need for a large incision. Common biopsy sites include breast, prostate, liver, thyroid, skin, kidney, lung and gastrointestinal tract. Abnormal biopsies may mean you have a disease like cancer, but it depends on the individual biopsy.

While some X-rays can detect masses or abnormalities, they can’t differentiate normal cells from cancerous cells. This is when a biopsy is performed to run test on the tissues that have been removed during the procedure.

Types of Atlanta Biopsy Procedures

DeKalb Medical performs the following types of biopsies:

CT-Guided Biopsy – Removal of cells from a suspicious area using a thin needle that is viewed by the Radiologist on a computed tomography or CT scan.

Mammography-Guided Biopsy – Removal of cells from a suspicious area using MRI guidance.

MRI-Guided Biopsy – Removal of tissue from a suspicious mass not identified by other imaging techniques, an area of distortion or an area of abnormal tissue change.

Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy – Removal of tissue from a suspicious area using a needle that is guided with ultrasound, the most common ultrasound-guided biopsy procedures performed at DeKalb Medical are liver, thyroid, prostate and breast.

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