Heart and Vascular Institute

DeKalb Medical understands that every second counts, and we are proud of our ability to deliver fast, life-saving treatments, such as coronary angioplasty and various types of vascular surgeries. The Heart and Vascular Institute on the North Decatur campus focuses on reducing the incidence of cardiac and vascular disease through prevention programs and the latest diagnostic and treatment procedures. Click here to read our Pushing Beyond magazine article about how our angioplasty and cardiac rehab services impacted two patients' lives in a big way.

Our goal is to work with patients to achieve optimum long-term health. The highly trained and board-certified physicians and staff at the Heart and Vascular center provide:

Contact DeKalb Medical’s Heart and Vascular Institute by calling 404.501.1851 to learn more about coronary angioplasty or other life-saving procedures.





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The glossary contains terminology (familiar and unfamiliar) that corellates with processes associated with The Heart & Vascular Institute.

Preparing For Your First Doctor's Visit

We at DeKalb Medical believe in enhancing the doctor/patient relationships and encouraging positive outcomes. Our resources will help you partner with your physician to ensure the best cardiac care available.

Prevention Education

DeKalb Medical offers a variety of cardiovascular education classes to promote heart health. These educational offerings help individuals address issues related to heart disease and focus on specific topics related to cardiovascular disease.

PVD Assessment

Coronary artery disease is caused by the build up of plaque on the inside of the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. Make sure you receive early detection with a heart screening at DeKalb Medical.