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24-Hour Emergency Medical Care
and Services

DeKalb Medical's North Decatur and Hillandale campuses offer 24-hour emergency departments for emergency medical care in Georgia. There is no emergency department at the Downtown Decatur campus to provide emergency medical services.

A Team Approach

At DeKalb Medical, our emergency departments (ED) are staffed by specialty trained, board-certified physicians as well as emergency medical care nurses certified in trauma care and advanced cardiac and pediatric life support. Together, our Hillandale and North Decatur EDs provide Atlanta emergency medical services to over 110,000 patients each year in emergency medical care rooms designated to handle cardiac emergencies, resuscitation and stabilization, isolation, and surgical, orthopedic and gynecological procedures.

Atlanta Emergency Medical Services

Clinical Decision Unit

These emergency medical care units are an extension of the emergency department and provide a calm environment for our patients who require additional observation or treatment before being admitted or discharged. With an average stay of 10-12 hours, these patients receive close attention by nursing staff trained in cardiac care and emergency medical services under the care of their attending physician.

Added Services

In an effort to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality emergency medical care and have a positive experience in the ED, the services of patient representatives, social workers, interpreters, chaplains and financial counselors are also provided. For your convenience and comfort, our patient rooms are equipped with a phone, private toilet and television.

Advanced Technology

Within the facility we have the latest emergency medical services technological advances in radiology, including dedicated CT scanning and digital imaging systems, bedside monitoring and registration, and fully electronic medical records and communication systems. Everything about the emergency medical care facility has been designed to help clinicians provide the most sophisticated and rapid emergency medical services available in as pleasant a setting as possible.

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