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Learn about the DeKalb Medical
Easy Access Program

New Diagnoses

We developed the DeKalb Medical Easy Access program to arrange for you to see a cancer care specialist within 24 hours if you are concerned about the possibility of a cancer symptom. Call 404.501.EASY (3279) to speak with a representative.

Second Opinion

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, call our cancer center to arrange for a second opinion to get another oncology professional’s input on important treatment decisions. Call 404.501.EASY

Allergic Reactions to Chemotherapy

If you're experiencing allergic reactions to your chemotherapy and looking for help, our Rapid Chemo Desensitization program may be an option for you. DeKalb Medical is the one of only a few cancer treatment centers in the United States to provide this procedure on an outpatient basis.

You can get easy access to an oncology-allergy professional to see if you qualify for Rapid Chemo Desensitization by calling 404.501.EASY.

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