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Current Cancer Clinical Trials
at DeKalb Medical

DeKalb Medical is currently participating in a number of cancer clinical trials. If you see an open trial below that you're interested in, please contact your physician. For additional trials that may be available to DeKalb Medical patients, please visit the Georgia Center for Oncology Research & Education (CORE) website.

Breast Cancer


This study is designed for women who are post-menopausal and have estrogen and progesterone receptor positive breast cancer with a tumor greater than or equal to at least 2 cm. The purpose of this study is to determine if one hormone blocking agent or a combination of two hormone blocking agents is superior in shrinking the breast cancer prior to surgery.

AbbVie  M12-914

This study is designed for patients who have advanced/metastatic breast cancer known to have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation.  The purpose of this study is to determine if adding a drug known as a PARP inhibitor to the standard chemo regimen will improve overall survival in this subset of patients.

NSABP  B-52 

This study is designed for women who have a breast cancer that is HER2 positive, estrogen receptor positive and will receive chemotherapy prior to lumpectomy or mastectomy.  The study will evaluate whether giving hormone blocking agents with chemotherapy drugs is better or the same as giving these drugs after chemotherapy.

NSABP  B-55 

This study is designed for women who have  a breast cancer that is “triple-negative” and known to have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation.  The study will determine if adding a drug known as a PARP inhibitor, after chemotherapy, will improve outcomes and longer disease free survival for these patients.

NRG BR-003 

A Randomized Phase III Trial of Adjuvant Therapy Comparing Doxorubicin Plus Cyclophosphamide Followed by Weekly Paclitaxel with or Without Carboplatin for Node-Positive or High-Risk Node-Negative Triple-Negative Invasive Breast Cancer.


Normal Tissue Collection for Comparison to Breast Cancer Tissue.


This study is designed for women with early stage breast cancer that have had their cancer tissue analyzed for gene analysis using the Oncotype Dx scoring system.  Women with an “intermediate” Oncotype Dx score are eligible for further analysis of their gene tissue with the Mammoprint, 70-gene profile test.  Information derived from the analysis of 70 genes provides  a tumor score of  “low-risk” or “high-risk”.  This added information may be useful and help with treatment decisions.

SWOG S1207   

A Phase III Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial Evaluating the Use of Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy +/- One Year of EVEROLIMUS in Patients with High-Risk Hormone Receptor-Positive AND HER2/neu Negative Breast Cancer.


CALGB 80702

A Phase III Trial of 6 versus 12 Treatments of Adjuvant FOLFOX Plus Celecoxib or Placebo for Patients With Resected Stage III Colon Cancer.

Genetic Studies

The Genetic Risk for Hereditary Cancer Study is to help researchers define the underlying predisposition to cancer (genetic and/or environmental), learn more about susceptibility to cancer and test genes now and in the future, that may contribute to cancer development. DeKalb Medical Cancer Center is honored to partner with City of Hope National Cancer Center on this study.


Molecular Genetic Studies of Cancer Patients and Their Families.

GYN Cancer

GOG 0213

A Phase III Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Carboplatin and Paclitaxel (or Gemcitabine) Alone or in Combination with Bevacizumab (NSC #704865, IND #113912) Followed by Bevacizumab and Secondary Cytoreductive Surgery in Platinum-Sensitive, Recurrent Ovarian, Peritoneal Primary and Fallopian Tube Cancer. NCI-Supplied Agents: Bevacizumab (NSC #704865, IND #113912).


Phase III Randomized Study of Concurrent Chemotherapy and Pelvic Radiation Therapy with or without Adjuvant Chemotherapy in High-Risk Patients with Early-Stage Cervical Carcinoma Following Radical Hysterectomy.


Phase II Randomized Trial of Nivolumab with or Without Ipilimumab in Patients with Persistent or Recurrent Epithelial Ovarian, Primary Peritoneal or Fallopian Tube Cancer.


RTOG 1216

Randomized Phase II/III Trial of Surgery and Postoperative Radiation Delivered with Concurrent Cisplatin Versus Docetaxel Versus Docetaxel and Cetuximab for High-Risk Squamous Cell Cancer of the Head and Neck.

Lung Cancer


The Adjuvant Lung Cancer Enrichment Marker Identification and Sequencing Trial represents three integrated, precision medicine trials that are designed to identify people with early-stage lung cancer who have tumors that harbor EGFR and ALK gene alterations and evaluate whether drug treatments targeted against those molecular changes can lead to improved survival compared to current standard of care therapy alone.

The three components are:

  • ALCHEMIST -- Screening Component (A151216)
  • ALCHEMIST -- EGFR Treatment component (A081105)
  • ALCHEMIST – ALK Treatment component (E4512)


This study is designed for patients that have advanced stage lung cancer and will receive chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments at the same time. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether or not adding a common diabetic drug, Metformin, to the treatment regimen will enhance the effectiveness of the chemo and radiation treatments.

SWOG S1400

Phase II/III Biomarker-Driven Master Protocol for Previously Treated Squamous Cell Lung Cancer (Lung-Map).



Randomized Phase III Trial of Lenalidomide Versus Observation Alone in Patients with Asymptomatic High-Risk Smoldering Multiple Myeloma. 
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