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Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

DeKalb Medical’s commitment to cancer research is demonstrated in our Clinical Trials program.

What are clinical trials?

Cancer clinical trials are research studies to find better ways to treat cancer. Clinical trials often compare the most accepted cancer treatment with a new treatment that physicians hope will be more effective. What physicians learn during these trials will help you, as well as other people with cancer — now and in the future. Clinical trials are available for many different kinds of cancer, and many stages of cancer treatment. Research is not just for patients who have exhausted all standard treatment options. We have trials available for newly diagnosed patients, as well. For more detailed information on cancer research in Georgia, you can view our Clinical Trials Brochure. For a list of trials open at DeKalb Medical, click here.

Is cancer research like cancer clinical trials available at DeKalb Medical?

Yes. DeKalb Medical participates in a number of cancer clinical trials sponsored by some of the leading cancer research groups in the country. Our program is affiliated with many study bases, including the National Cancer Institute co-operative group studies. DeKalb Medical recently joined the Georgia Cares minority-based NCORP (NCI Community Oncology Research Program) based at Georgia Regents University Cancer Center. The Georgia Cares NCORP brings state-of-the-art clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute will be provided to our patients close to home.

What are the different kinds of cancer trials that DeKalb Medical offers?

DeKalb Medical participates in many types of cancer research, including:

  • Prevention trials
  • Chemotherapy and Immunology trials
  • Surgical trials
  • Radiation trials
  • Quality of life trials
  • Tissue banking trials
  • Cancer care delivery research

The trial you might participate in will depend on your type of cancer, the cancer clinical trials available and the criteria you meet. Click here  for a list of cancer clinical trials at DeKalb Medical, or visit the Georgia Cares minority-based NCORP site. To see a list of all clinical trials available in the Georgia, visit CORE. If you see a trial you are interested in, make a note of the trial name and sponsor then contact your physician. If you need further assistance, email us at clinicaltrials@dekalbmedical.org or call us at 404.501.EASY.

What if there is not a clinical trial currently listed that is right for me?

One of the things that sets DeKalb Medical apart is that we will help you find cancer clinical trials outside our hospital if there’s not one available here. Request assistance from a Cancer Center specialist via e-mail at clinicaltrials@dekalbmedical.org or call 404.501.EASY for more information.

Our clinical trials staff is privileged to work with clinicians and researchers who have made working for a cure for cancer their life’s dedication. They are responsible for the evolution of trials that have dramatically improved both our ability to manage side effects of our patients under treatment, as well as forging new direction in the treatment of cancer. For instance, in the treatment of breast cancer, clinical trials have enabled us to conserve the breast in the majority of cases, avoid the necessity of removing large numbers of lymph nodes, condense radiation treatments from 36 days to five, and administer drugs without severe nausea and bone marrow depression. Cancer clinical trials made all those innovative, improved treatments possible for the breast cancer patient diagnosed today.

We remain committed to providing the best possible care for all patients diagnosed with cancer and value our relationship with every patient and each family member. The DeKalb Medical Cancer Center will continue to work with our DeKalb Medical physicians to identify quality trials for cancer research in Georgia for all types of cancer. By working together, we can provide hope for the future and the possibility of discovering a cure!

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