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DeKalb Medical continues to be a leader in Atlanta in oncology research and treatment. Our physicians and staff deliver superior cancer care by taking care of our patients' physical and emotional concerns. Having specialists who are experts and work as a team is the very first step in taking our patients through treatment of the most frightening disease they will ever face.

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dekalb medical cancer programs

Easy Access

We developed the DeKalb Medical Easy Access program to arrange for you to see a cancer care specialist within 24 hours if you are concerned about the possibility of a cancer symptom.

Second Opinion Program

If your doctor has diagnosed you with cancer and suggested a treatment but you’d like a second opinion, the DeKalb Medical Cancer Center can help with that as well.

Chemotherapy Desensitization

DeKalb Medical is proud to announce our new Chemotherapy Rapid Desensitization procedure. Sometimes, cancer patients become allergic to their chemotherapy.

Clinical Trials

DeKalb Medical’s commitment to cancer research is demonstrated in our Clinical Trials program. Clinical trials often compare the most accepted cancer treatment with a new treatment that physicians hope will be more effective.
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