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Early Colon Cancer Diagnosis Saves His Life

February 06, 2018

In his forty’s, Mitchell Prusin was diagnosed with colon cancer. At an age that most physicians will say to get your first colonoscopy at age 50, he was already diagnosed, treated and recovering from colon cancer. He is not alone, people are getting diagnosed earlier. But how did they catch it?

Mitchell went to get his annual physical with Dr. Joseph Smiddy, his primary care physician. It was discovered that he had a low red blood cell count and was anemic. The doctor was concerned and sent Mitch to see a gastrologist, Dr. Jeffrey Kamean.

Dr. Kamean knew that being anemic at his age was non-typical. With his low red blood count, Dr. Kamean decided to run tests to see why. It was discovered that Mitch was experiencing bleeding in his GI track. Mitch didn’t experience any signs or symptoms of the bleeding, no stool bleeding. It was only discovered after seeing his primary care physician for his annual checkup. Dr. Kamean performed a colonoscopy to get a biopsy of his colon. “It’s important for everyone to get screened for colon cancer starting at age 50, says Dr. Kamean. “Make sure your internist is offering information about colonoscopies because colon cancer is preventable.”

If you meet these criteria, you should get screened starting earlier:

  • If you are African American (starting at age 45).
  • Bleeding in the stool

Once Mitch had his colonoscopy and he was diagnosed with colon cancer, Dr. Sydney Stapleton performed the surgery to remove the tumors (cancerous growth on the intestines). Because it was caught early, there was no spreading of the tumors to more areas or other parts of his body.

By following his doctor’s advice, Mitch recovered quickly. Dr. Kamean wants to see Mitch one to three years to make sure he remains cancer free.